Mint Choc Chip Cookies
Candi Killer Cereal

Glitter and Gut Health is about glamourising everything to do with the microbiome because there's nothing more glamorous than feeling your best all of the time! I was also a little frustrated with having to scroll through essay like posts to get to the actual recipe so I promise to keep the chat minimal!

Now G&GH is evolving to provide sugar and other common irritants free baking classes to people of all ages in and around London and South Wales.


As someone who has experienced my body's ability to heal all of it's ailments by increasing my good gut flora, through diet and supplements alone, I passionately believe in the importance of gut health for a strong body, mind and spirit.


I have discovered you truly are what you eat and yet everyone is different, it really is a question of learning what is best for you. The main purpose of the recipes and articles you will find here is to promote the use of real, unprocessed foods and the exclusion of gluten, sugar and yeast, especially sugar, as it provides no nutritional value, just empty calories which make your blood sugar levels rise, only leading to further cravings. 


There is nothing more empowering than truly understanding your own body and how to feel (and look) your most optimum self which I'm still expanding upon on a daily basis. I hope you'll find some inspiration here for your own good gut health endeavors.

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