Xylitol Popcorn

It nearly killed me to go to the cinema minus the sweet popcorn. Seeing a movie without sugary puff balls is like going on a sunny holiday without your sunglasses (?) something like that anyway. So, here it is- Popcorn X aka xylitol popcorn! A food to munch along to your favourite drama needs a dramatic name don't you think?



1. Melt the butter in a pan that has a lid on a medium- low heat

2. Test a few kernels of popcorn, put the lid on and when the kernels pop, remove them and add the rest. Sprinkle with xylitol and cover the pot.

3. Keep shaking the whole pot around every few seconds, it helps if you don't use a really heavy and wide pan in diameter like I did!

4. Transfer popcorn to a bowl to prevent further cooking and leave to sit so that the xylitol is fully absorbed and crunchy

5. Then you can transfer it to a really cool popcorn box and do a glittery photoshoot even, I highly recommend it or you could go watch a movie and eat it of course.

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