Coconut Bowls

This is more of an art piece than a breakfast but what a beautiful way to start the day!

The main and magical ingredient in this breakfast other than yoghurt and some creativity with fruit, is pitaya powder (aka dragon fruit powder) and blue spirulina by Unicorn Superfoods,they are my new favourite discovery, I bought the starter kit. Of course no breakfast yoghurt would be complete without my Optibac Probiotics sachet which is so unbelievably delicious, no breakfast bowl is quite complete without it!


250ml Organic probiotic yoghurt

1-2 sachets of probiotics

2 tsp pink pitaya powder

2 tsp blue spirulina

Decorative Ingredients

Freeze dried raspberries

Frozen blackberries


Frozen raspberries

Thin slices of lime


1. Create the yoghurts by stirring in the probiotics, the pink powder to half of the yoghurt and the spirulina into the other half, then crack your way into some coconuts and pour the colourful goodness in.

2. Decorate with fruit of contrasting colours for more impact

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