New and Improved Paleo Ferrero Rocher

Yes, yes and yes! I am over the moon with these, along with every other member of my household. They're only my second attempt and they're pretty close to perfection I would say and don't require too much effort, really! I urge you to try these, I was pretty depressed thinking about spending last Christmas without my usual Ferrero Rocher treat and I was even more depressed when I let myself go and gorge on half a box because I felt so incredibly tired afterwards! Am I sugar intolerant now? Or still riding the candida train?! Hard to say but these are going to be on my Christmas To Bake list every year from now on.

You begin by making a "nutella" like paste:


Nutella (filling)

300g hazelnuts (soaked)

25 extra hazelnuts for the centre

100g dark chocolate

a touch of unsweetened almond milk to help blend

2 tbsp coconut nectar

1 tsp vanilla

Nutty Coating

200g dark and sugar free chocolate like this one

100g chopped hazelnuts


1.After having left the hazelnuts to soak overnight in the fridge, blend as smoothly as you can and then begin to melt the 100g chocolate using a broiler method.

2. Once the chocolate is melted, pour this into the blender along with the coconut nectar and vanilla, blend as thoroughly as you can until you feel you need to add a splash of almond milk to further the blending process until you have a thick and smooth(ish) consistency, don't worry, it won't be perfect like Nutella! Once you are happy with it, transfer the mixture to a container and refrigerate until firm but moldable.

3. Take about a tablespoon of mixture and hide a hazelnut in it's centre, then roll each one into smooth, round balls of as equal size as you can manage, I like them on the large side.

4. Melt 200g dark chocolate and combine with the 100g chopped hazelnuts.

5. Roll each ball into the chocolate and hazelnut mix until satisfyingly covered and refrigerate until firm and yes, that bit does get messy!

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